PaymentIQ is a payment platform especially designed for the iGaming industry, handling large transaction volumes.

A one-time integration will give you access to every common payment solution on the market for the iGaming industry, as well as supporting all currencies. Never again, will you need to integrate to a newPayment Service Provider (PSP), we have you covered. New payment solutions are constantly being added onto the PaymentIQ system. All it takes is a configuration in PaymentIQ, and your website can offer the new solution to your customers, without any downtime.

Full control with PaymentIQ back office

The PaymentIQ back office, offers functionalities such as intelligent transaction and failover routing, Forex conversion, risk management, KYC checks, “friendly fail” messages and even alerts and notifications for payment outages. PaymentIQ gives you full control of setting limits and fees per country, payment method all the way down to user level, and so much more. Use the PaymentIQ back-office to get a swift overview of all transactions, regardless of type, country or currency. By using our multi-acquiring dynamic transaction routing rules, clients are able to increase acceptance/authorization rates using features such as Redundant Routing (automatic retry with another acquirer) and Cost Optimized Routing functionalities (local and cross-border acquiring). Additionally, PaymentIQ is automatically reconciled with AccountIQ, our  web-based highly flexible, reliable and scalable reconciliation application designed to check and verify monetary flows in transaction intensive sectors.


Built for iGaming industry and used by Tier-1 operators
Rule based payment logic for maximum flexibility
Intelligent transaction and failover routing
One-time integration
Direct agreements with payment providers means no middle man and no additional costs
New methods of payment for new markets can easily be activated, usually within two weeks
Acquirers and alternative payment methods for iGaming
Meets PCI DSS requirements
Automatic reconciliation with AccountIQ